How Freelancers are useful in Small Business

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

More and more small businesses around the world are integrating freelancers into their structure to support their employee base in hundreds of tasks. But how and when exactly can a freelancer be of real use? Read a few scenarios we put together in the following article.

While your company is growing, you will have to rely on many capabilities that you probably do not yet have. This is where freelancers come in handy!

The freelancing market, supported by technological advancements and increasing access to the internet along with modern methods of communication, is experiencing a continuous rise from year to year.

Freelancing is a way of working already established in some areas, where there is an acute shortage of staff. As a way of doing business, freelancing can benefit start-ups or small businesses that may not be able to afford to hire full-time staff. Also, depending on the specifics of a business, there are peak periods, when the staffing requirement is above average, but this demand is only a temporary one.

Freelancers can work with your business on a short-term basis, on a contract basis, or as needed, helping you solve current (and future) problems in fields such as graphic design, copywriting, web content development, website development, business consulting, programming, web application development etc.

Calling in specialists in the freelancing system can be a solution to fill the staff gap or to carry out activities in temporary projects in certain industries.

When should you consider hiring a freelancer?

1. When you do not have a constant workload

For small businesses there are times when the workload is very high, but also times when there is almost no task to perform. For marketing agencies, for example, outsourcing tasks to one or more freelancers is the best way to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

2. When you need more specialised skills

Let's say you need a specialist who can implement a project for which the deadline is 6 months.

In this case, you have two options: either you hire someone full time and try to find him or her another role, once the project is over, or you outsource the project to a specialized freelancer. The second solution, however, seems to be the most appropriate, especially in terms of costs.

3. When you deal with work overload

As a small business, you need to take special care of your staff in periods of high demand. Instead of risking to overwhelm people with the amount of work that needs to get done, or hiring new employees for a limited timeframe, you can choose to turn to trusted freelancers instead.

For example, if your company has five programmers inhouse and an additional project falls in the same period of time, it is probably better for you to hire a freelance programmer to support the team than to have to go through the whole process of hiring a new one.

You can also use, for example, a virtual assistant who organizes your schedule, your emails and your payments when you need to focus all your attention on something else.

4. When the project does not require training

According to, when your project does not involve organizing a training, collaborating with a freelancer is a simple way to bring a more creative look at the problem, and to optimize costs. This is most often the case for designers, copywriters or digital marketers.

At the same time, several studies show that freelancers who collaborate with several different companies come with a fresher thinking, managing to solve problems much faster, due to similar situations they have faced before.

5. When you want to test new approaches

Perhaps implementing SEO techniques in your online business or starting to offer phone support to your clients draws your attention. But at the same time you are not entirely sure how this is supposed to work, and you do not want to make a very large investment without knowing that you are on the right path.

In situations like this, an experienced freelancer can help you a lot, both with their expertise and with the implementation of the first steps of a project that can later be scaled up. For example, instead of hiring a digital marketing agency, you first turn to a freelancer in this branch to fully explain how it works, optimize your website for SEO, tell you what the results of that action were and make further recommendations.

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