The IMPORTANCE of Essential Office Workers

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Within a company, the organisation requires permanent work performed by different actors in order to meet business objectives, as well as for the competent and viable execution of office work. Let’s remind ourselves once more to not overlook the importance of essential office workers!

For companies, the role of its administrative staff has always been of great importance, due to the need to support greater positions in the organization and to carry out all day to day tasks.

For this reason, when talking about business success, it is paramount to put essential workers first. They are the pillars, who perform the functions that make the company produce, grow and consolidate in the market.

The administrative staff of a company is represented by essential professionals that ensure the proper functioning of its departments. Within this category we find administrative assistants, bookkeepers, receptionists, customer service officers, personal assistants, data entry officers, office managers, professionals with different training and tasks but who respond to a versatile profile related to the management of all kinds of resources.

This is made possible through varied functions and tasks, the most important ones being:

● Write, file and review all kinds of documents, especially receipts, delivery notes, reports and spreadsheets.

● Collect information in order to study data, draw conclusions and generate the corresponding reports.

● Update and keep up-to-date existing procedures, guides and manuals, as well as databases and contact lists.

● Carry out procedures associated with the purchase and sale of products and services.

● Manage the communication of the company both internally and with suppliers and customers.

● Coordinate the courier services and the logistics of the company and the deliveries and outputs of products.

● Manage the administrative calendar (for procedures such as presentation of quarterly and annual taxes, etc.).

● Process administrative procedures that affect company personnel (contracts, payroll, deductions, etc.) in accordance with current regulations and the internal policy of the organization.

● Provide special support to the Human Resources department to carry out the administrative procedures related to the personnel and described above.

● Develop and monitor accounting records and files.

● Supervise procedures related to company accounts, treasury, investment projects, etc.

● Manage and process public administration documents electronically and / or in person (permits and licenses, taxes, presentation of official documents, request for certificates, etc.).

● Inform and serve clients to offer them information about the company's services, its operation, etc.

● Help other departments for the development of reports, presentations, etc.

It is important to never underestimate the diversity of an essential office workers role. Office Tribe values each skillset that our workers possess, in addition to their work ethic, attitude and commitment to their job. We understand that essential office workers are the heart and soul of any successful business, and should be recognised accordingly. 🖤

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